“These are hands down the best ice packs ever. I have chronic back pain, pain that even a tens unit, message, medicine, or physical therapy has been able to help. So I bought this. It is AMAZING. It stays cold forever. And for each couple hours each day I have some relief”

— Via Amazon

How to Use MySplint Shapeable Splint

MySplint proper use and instructions:

Using your MySplint Custom Fit splint is easy. To prepare it for use, all you’ll need is a microwave, the splint itself, and the provided microwave-safe tray.

1.) First, remove your MySplint from the box. Set the tray aside for now and remove your MySplint from the protective poly bag.

2.) Place the splint on the provided tray in the center of your microwave and warm it for 15 seconds. Check the support for pliability and temperature before placing it on your hand - your MySplint should be warm, not hot. If needed, you can place your MySplint back on the microwave-safe tray for an additional 10 seconds to reach the desired temperature. If the support is too hot to the touch, make sure to it cools to a comfortable temperature.

3.) To mold your MySplint, slide it loosely over your wrist, placing your thumb in the thumb hole. Once in place, fasten all 3 closures comfortably. If at any point the splint feels too hot on your skin, remove and allow further cooling. Next, keep your wrist steady in the desired position until the splint has hardened. The hardening process should take about 10 minutes. To expedite the molding process, hover the splinted wrist in your freezer for no more than thirty seconds. MySplint supports can be remolded up to 5 times as needed.

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